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♥ i want to dance with you ♥

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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2005|09:47 am]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |incomplete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

oo dang... i havent been here for a while... hahah i'm just here because myspace is under maintence... ughhh... well anyways... i remember when i used to use this thing all the time... hmmm well anyways... life is going pretty good... actually everything is going GREAT!!! i just work a lot... ughh i work @ za za shoes in lakewood mall... i dont like that mall but i work there sooo w/e... this is summer has been GRAND... i'm always going out with my ♥jimmy♥ && with andrea... marilyn {i rarely see her though **sad face**}... danielle**...&& sammy baby♥ .... hahhah well yea i'm bored of typing... ughhhhh.... sooo if anyone wnats to hangout i can sooo make room for you... high school has only been out for like a month && i already dont talk to some ppl... ***sigh*** well yea bye then



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>>>emo talk<<< [Mar. 20th, 2005|08:28 pm]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥

since no one reads this i am going to type how i feel, here it goes.....

{if you dont want to hear my problems then dont read this}

i feel like i am NEVER going to find my soul mate.... or maybe that i already lost him... idk... right now i am sooo lost with all these boy problems... and i am like aksjdhfkajshdf!!! i am getting all up tight about all these little things... and i can feel things and people changing around me..... and i HATE change....

one day i want to tell you how i feel. how much i care for you. how much i want you, and what i would do for you!! sometimes i just want everything to go back to the way things were in the summer... but there is no pt for me to just think about the past nothing is going to change... i guess i am just ment to be a lonely girl who has no lover..... <//3

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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2005|10:48 am]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[music |on my own]

i dont know what is happening to me. soo many things are happening around me and i really dont know what to do about all these problems. i have sooo much things to do and i just dont do them. i dont talk about my feelings to anyone. i seem like this person who is always happy on the outside, but in reality i am not. and it really kills me because i want to be happy. but i can't bring  myself to be. i really dont talk to ***** anymore and when i do i just lie to him and tell him how everything in my life is soo great. when it really isn't. sometimes i feel like i am there but then i look around and i notice that i am not. i still cry everytime i get off the phone with *****. when i was a freshmen i always thought my senior year would be sooo great because i would have ***** in it and everything would just fall into place but everything is a disaster!!! my mom and i are ok but i never really see her and when i do it is because she wants me to go somewhere with her and then we really dont talk. she is always with her boyfriend. and dont get me wrong i reallly like him but i dont know.... i just want to talk to someone, but the thing is that i say that and i know exactly who i want to talk to, and yes it is HIM, i dont know why i keep thinking about everything, i can't bring myself to just stop talkin to HIM. for 4 years i remeber being in his arms and we would just talk about everything that is happening. and then we were just friends and we would hang out but now we are nothing. i dont see him, everyone has told me that he has changed. i just want to hear him say "i love you" but that is not goin to happen. i want him in my life. i want to be his. i want everything to go back to normal like it use to be.


(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2005|10:49 am]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |blanki am not quite sure]
[music |it's the same 2 step w/ a lil twist]

well on thursday we performed @ black light, it was a good performance. then for 5th we didn't do anything because we were all tired so we decided to walk around and just hang out sooo most of the time i was in the asb room with my love stacia and then blah blah blah happend {a couple of you know what happend} and then we performed @ the downey warren game that was fun we didn;t good... and then after we went to go eat at in and out {traci, tiffani, her lover, conrad, and me} after that i went with steven and his friend to steven's house we hung out and ate cake.... after they took me home and i went to sleep...

yesterday i went to practice at 9 and then i came home at about 11:45ish and i cleaned my house and then i hung out with angel.... we went to go eat at king taco and after we were just at his house for a VERY long time [but it really didnt feel long at all] sooo later on during the night we went to micky dee's and we got some free food with out order soo that was kinda cool... and after we went back to angel's and we hung out... ooo yea i saw a really good movie yesterday it was called AMERICAN ME i really liked it..... well anyways.... nothin else to say but today is saturday!!! yeah !! well peace and love!!

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aksdhfahwefhasdklfhlaehfklashdfk [Jan. 28th, 2005|01:19 pm]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |tiredi want to go to sleep]
[music |if i was a rich girl!!!]

alsidjflkajdflkjasdlfjalsdjfl........ i am rather tired... well lets see yesterday was fun... i hung out with stacia, traci, and my TWO freahmens {ashley and tiffani}, and then we had practice with the lil kids for our dance clinic thing.... that was ok.... well yea... and then today we have the clinic performance @ the basketball game [that should be fun]... oooo  but before the game we {stacia, traci, ashley, and my love tiffani} are probaly goin to eat @ olvie garden!!! **drool** jk jk jk... well yea soo today should be fun....

my brother is doin pretty good... i really miss him i talk to him on the phone once in a while... (i know it sounds all chessy but i dont care i am goin to say it anyways) you really dont know how much someone means to you untill they are gone... and it is VERY true!! i should know.... well i am goin to go i have to call my LOVER stacia!!

peace and love from me to you

p.s. why do we love when we know all good things come to an end?? is it because we want to get hurt??

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>>>mad @ you<<< [Jan. 26th, 2005|06:19 pm]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |pissed offmad @ HIM]
[music |starting line]

i am really bored right now....... i haven't been online for like 8448736976873877638 years, i haven't been home too (i came home on monday night).... well things are ok, they could be better.... i haven't really talked to anyone about this problem i have with chris, it reallly sux because i want to tell someone... chris is being a really mean person, i asked him if he could come to my comp on 2/19 and he said no because he didn't want to see me but that we could still be friends but just not see each other... which is really stupid.... and then i talked to him online a week or so later and he asked if he could go and i said why?? and then he said he wanted to take his friend and i told him that if he was goin to take HER that i would rather have him not go... because i didn't want to see him with HER... so he said that she wants to meet me and blah blah blah blah.... so i just got off line...

i feel stupid for believing you when you said "i will always love you" or when you said that no matter what you knew that we were ment to be together! and then you tell me that she makes you happy and that i should be happy for you if i want to be your friend.... but if i had someone you wouldn't even being talkin to me at ALL!!! whatever... it was my mistake for trusting someone... that is why I dont trust anyone!!!

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>>>pix i stole from sammy<<< [Jan. 16th, 2005|07:12 pm]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |snoop doggy dog]

here are some pix from my bro's b-day/ goin away party... ENJOY!!


eww she laughs funny... i took this pic....hahah

this picture looks funny

sammy with her pimp glasses (she is my lil sis and i am her big sis)

ewww matt!! and tori and sammy and my BRO!!!!!!

without sammy


i really like this pic!!!!!

you know you want to do me!! jk jk jk.... no one would EVER do me!!


i really like this pic of them!!!!



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---i hurt everywhere--- [Jan. 9th, 2005|08:48 pm]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |soremother effin' sore!!]
[music |baby you should let me love you]

sunday.... today i went to eat @ mimi's café!! it was grand!! i went with my mother, my godmother (maria), alenna (her daughter), and my lil baby girl (susie)!! first we went to eat.... then we went to go buy somethings that they needed... then we went to the mall and we spent like 8746467687637368776873646374413187634364 hrs. there!! i got some pretty cute stuff!! i got this really pretty clouch purse!!! it is CUTE!! and then we went to church!! i had a good time today... it was fun hanging out with them!! i just saw honey right now!! it is cute... could of been better....

dance conference was good!! but i am really sore!!

well it has been a week and 1 day without my brother! it is really quiet here without him.... kinda sux a lot... i miss him a lot... i was mean to him before but i dont no i feel different without him...

~~~the rest of my MONTH~~~

  • 1/10 DT practice 3-5
  • 1/11 5th per. practice until 3:30
  • 1/12 DT practice 3-5
  • 1/13 5th per. practice until 3:30
  • 1/14 basketball game
  • 1/18 dance clinic {3:30-5:30}
  • 1/19 DT practice 3-5 & game
  • 1/20 dance clinic {3:30-5:30}
  • 1/21 game
  • 1/24 DT practice 3-5
  • 1/25 DT practice 1-3 & dance clinic
  • 1/26 DT GYM practice 12:30-3
  • 1/27 dance clinic 3:30-5:30
  • 1/28 game
  • 1/31 DT practice 1-3 & gym practice 7-9


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---everything is going WRONG--- [Jan. 5th, 2005|08:38 pm]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |crankydepressed and mad]
[music |hawthorn heights]

as you can tell everything is going WRONG!! and i hate it!! i have no "friends".... the people that i thought that were going to be there for me when all this was happening aren't even talkin to me!!! i am just sooo mad about everything that is happening!! ahhh the only people i can actually talk to is SAMMY, TORI, and STACIA!!! i freakin love them!! they are only 10th graders but i freakin love them to death!!! they were here when my brother was leaving and sammy was there when i was crying on the phone because of chris... and i thank them sooo much!! i love you guys soooo much!!!

it is all alone in my house without my brother here... i feel alone because my brother isn't here to watch tv with me... what am i supposed to do when the oc comes on?? who am i supposed to watch it with and gasp when something happens on the show?? i really do love my brother a lot!! i hope he is doing good in new jersey!!


mucho amor>>><<<//3


friends? what friends? you mean the ones who didn't call me at all during winter break? those aren't my friends...

i LOVE sammy, tori, and stacia!!!!



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*~* 2005 here i come*~* [Dec. 31st, 2004|08:52 pm]
♥ i want to dance with you ♥
[mood |hopefullooking forward to 2005]
[music |rocket summer]

well it is goin to be 2005 in about 3 hours or soo.... what a crazy year it has been!

i went through my share of boys.... but none of them stayed with me... because i am a controling bitch.... well then i guess that should be one of new years revolutions, stop being a complete bitch to guys i like... and let things take its course....

well another year that i go in with no one to share it with... not chris, or even my "friends".... so it should be a very good new year... blah blah blah... i really dont want to type any more... soo i will update more later... mucho amor>>><<<//3


te queró mucho!!!


oo some pix i stole from sammy!!


peace on earth please!

i am a loser yes i know!!

my bro!!! he leaves on sunday night!! awww i am goin to miss him bugging me!!

my face is HUGE!! & sammy has green eyes!! {life is unfair}

i really like this pic!! with the sunlight in our faces!!hahahah

well it has been a grand year!!! hopefully 2005 will be a lot better!! wait wtf?? it is goin to be better because i am goin to go to college after this school year!!! jeah!! then i turn 18!!!


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